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Water sealing barrier for improved blasting released

Australian blasting company BlastBoss has released Dryshot, a structural water sealing barrier to improve blasting performance.

Dryshot is a blended powder product used as a multipurpose barrier to instantly seal off explosives from water and mud in standard blast holes, and stop stemming dilution into explosives in large diameter holes.

It can isolate toe water and mud, creating a dry hole for the immediate loading of explosives, and can also be placed on top of explosives or stemming to stop water ingress contamination.

On detonation, the dryshot capped toe water attenuates and increases the duration of the blast pressure to achieve higher energy delivery and increased rock fracturing while using less explosives.

It does not require pumping, which speeds up the blast hole loading process.

Dryshot can also provide protection for ‘sleeping’ blast holes and explosives in wet environments where surface water is present, turning wet blast holes into dry blast holes instantly.

Blastboss CEO David Handel said Dryshot was developed to reduce the cost per blast to operators while maximising production.

He added that it can reduce the amount of explosives required in blast holes by up to 35 per cent, using contained and controlled hydraulic energy to redirect and intensify the blast wave forces.

The system is suitable for the mining quarrying and civil engineering industries.

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