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Australian mining conference to consider opportunities in Latin America

Australia miners will explore opportunities in Latin America during the ‘Latin America Down Under’ conference, on May 20 and 21 in Sydney, organizers said Monday.

Conference coordinator Bill Repard coupled Latin America’s growing demand for high quality minerals, with the engineering and technical services required to exploit mineral resources located there.

Future projects in Latin America will be more sustainable, safe and ecological than those of the past, Repard said in a statement, stressing opportunities for direct and joint projects between Australian and Latin American entities.

He said Australia is the world’s second most attractive destination for resource investment, in a ranking which placed Chile, Mexico, Peru and Brazil in the top ten, and Colombia in 11th place.

Mario Alfonso Cantu Suarez, general coordinator of mining at Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, and Javier Cordova Unda, Ecuador’s Minister of Mining, will attend the conference.

The vice-president of promotion and development at Colombia’s National Mining Agency Carolina Rojas Hayes, the deputy secretary for water resources in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monica Porto, and the Chilean Copper Commission’s executive vice president Cochilco Sergio Hernandez will also attend.




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