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Iran designs mining investment packages

Iran designs mining investment packages
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TEHRAN.- Deputy industry minister has announced the preparation of foreign investment packages worth 10 billion dollars for three countries.

Mehdi Karbasian, Deputy Minister and Chairman IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization), referred to the designing of foreign investment packages in the field of mining and mining industries saying “the government’s policies for the new chapter in Iranian economy include offering of diversified investment packages for foreigners as well as establishment of joint companies.”

The official called for taking advantage of the newly emerged atmosphere in the benefit of the country’s economy providing proper grounds for the import of modern technology and machinery in order to develop mining industries in line with expansion of explorations.

Karbasian had earlier announced that Iran has designed a 6-billion-euro investment package in the field of mining for Italian and French investors in addition to proposing another 4-billion-euro investment opportunity for the presence of China in the country’s mining industries.

We require 200 billion dollars of foreign investment in order to reach the economic growth rate of eight per cent, stressed deputy industry minister.

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