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Key Issues and Resources for the 2014 Mining Lekgotla

The Mining Lekgotla, comes at a time the South African mining sector is reeling following the longest and violent platinum strike in the history of the country. The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), which continues to monitor and follow developments in the mining sector through its Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme (GARP), has put together a set of resources to help observers and the media.

About the Lekgotla

In its third year, the event is a collaborative effort between the Chamber of Mines of South Africa, the Department of Mineral Resources, and the National Union of Mineworkers. The theme of this year’s Legkotla is to reflect on the achievements and challenges that face the country in the first two decades of its democracy. Even more critically, the meeting will seek to debate how the country builds a strong and sustainable industry for decades to come.

Some key questions for the Lekgotla:

What are the key trends, transformations and policy shifts in the mining environment?

Is the Lekgotla, through diverse role players, likely to help identify and confront critical issues, risks, social pressures and opportunities facing the South African mining industry?

How has the mining industry performed in terms of Women and Mining Community Development?

Is the Africa Mining Vision sufficiently focused on critical issues of how mining and other extractive activities are linked to infrastructure development and industrialisation

Relevant resources:

The future of the platinum industry and its implications for South Africa, SAIIA opinion piece, 11 August 2014

Africa’s Extractive Governance Architecture: Lessons to Inform a Shifting Agenda, SAIIA Policy Briefing, May 2014.

Revamping Artisanal Gold Mining in Zimbabwe to Catalyse Poverty Reduction, SAIIA Policy Briefing, May 2014.

Minefields of Marikana: Prospects for forging a new social compact, SAIIA article, 13 May 2014

Marikana as a tipping point: The political economy of labour tensions in South Africa’s mining industry and how best to resolve them, SAIIA Occasional Paper, November 2013

The New EITI Standard and the role of civil society, SAIIA opinion piece, 04 June 2013

Assessing competitive resource tenders as an option for mining rights allocation in South Africa, SAIIA Occasional Paper, November 2013

SAIIA experts available for interview and resources:

Dr Ola Bello is the Head of the Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme at SAIIA. His expertise lies in:

Resource governance and conflict systems (Great Lakes of Africa and Sahel regions)



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