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Se vende oro en barras y en polvo de origen afriano (ghana)  


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15/05/2012 12:56 pm  

Se vende oro en barra o polvo, aqui esta la oferta corporativa del oro.
si esta interesado no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo.
se dispone de toda la documentación y licencia.
mail: [email protected]
cel: (57) 3013591223

Hereinafter calls as « Buyer »


It is agreed that this sales and purchase agreement between the Seller and Buyer has been made, in order to agree on the following terms and conditions:

1. Obligations of the Supplier

1.0. The Seller confirms to deliver the following commodity:

Origin: GHANA
Purity: 94+ %
Price: $44,000/Kg USD (United States Dollar)
Commission: 5% ( to buyers side)(5% to sellers side)
Quantity: 200KG (CIF) ( With Extension of 50kg monthly for 11 months)
Packing: 4 metal boxes of 50 KG each (for Airfreight)


1.1. Each lot of commodity must be delivered with the following documents:
- Airway Bill
- 4 x Commercial Invoice made out to the Buyer
- Certificate of Ownership
- Certificate of Origin
- Certificate of Analysis (Purity and )
- Authority to Export

1.2. The Seller will guarantee that all documents will be established from the authorities of the producing/exporting country and that he will cover all costs for the exportation, delivery and insurance of the commodity to Airport.
(Delivery CIF according to Inco terms 2000 ).

1.3. All documents will be sent prior to delivery in copies to the Buyer.

1.4. The Seller and Buyer agree upon successful performance of first delivery of 200 KG,. It is agreed that the same terms and conditions of this agreement shall apply to any next delivery of 50kg monthly for 11 months

1.5. Each tranche shall be delivered upon good and satisfactory delivery of the previous tranche and upon satisfactory payment settlement to the Seller.

1.6. Seller confirms that the commodity to be sold shall be free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and is not of terrorist and criminal origin.

2. Obligations of the Buyer

2.0. The Buyer will take care of all charges upon delivery of the commodity at the buyers Airport.

2.1. The Buyer irrevocably undertakes that the commodity remains the property of Seller until Seller has received full payment.

3. Transportation & Inspection

3.0. The Buyer instructs transport & security to precede the transport of the commodity from Airport to buyers address at Buyer’s expense.

3.1. The Buyer and Seller agree that the assay report to be provided by the both Refineries shall be final and will be accepted by the Buyer and Seller regarding purity and quantity.

4. Payment Terms

4.0. The price to be paid will be $44,000/kg and $2,200/kg Discount/commission to Buyers side and $2,200/kg to sellers side of net weight of fines (94+%) confirmed by final assay report by Refinery. For every next delivery Seller and Buyer will agree on a pricing to be confirmed in written form by Buyer and Seller,

4.1. It is agreed upon that the buyer shall provide the shipment cost as well as visa and tickets for seller/ agent that will accompany the gold till the assay and payment is concluded at buyers end.

4.2. The Final Payment of the commodity according to the terms in paragraph 4.0. Will be executed by T/T Bank transfer within 3 (three) banking days after assay reports issued by Buyers refinery.

4.3. Transfers will be made to the account of the Seller (see Appendix A). All amounts will be paid in United States Dollar ($).

5. Penalty and termination

The parties agree that in case of breach of this contract the defaulting party shall pay a penalty of 5% of contractual value of delivery.

The Seller and Buyer have the right to terminate this agreement if the Buyer or the Seller shall fail to carry out any obligation under this agreement.

6. Data Protection

All parties agree not to disclose the contents of this agreement to the third parties, not to circumvent, not to attempt to circumvent, either party for a period of 6 (Six Months) according to the rules of I.C.C. 500/600 latest version. These agreements bind all parties and other persons who are involved in this transaction.

7. Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of Ghana.

8. Arbitration

Any dispute between the parties which cannot be settled amicably shall be submitted to arbitration in Ghana in accordance with the law regulations of Ghana. The award of such arbitration shall be final and binding on the parties.

9. Agreement

This Agreement and Appendix constitutes the entire agreement between the Seller and Buyer with respect to the subject matter.

Procedure agreed by Seller and Buyer:

1. Seller issues Contract /SPA and Buyer signs contract/SPA, and issues ICPO which becomes legal and binding.

2. Seller issues invoice and provides Proof of past work and company registration and licence with PMMC /Partial POP.

3. Buyer confirms documents and makes payment for shipment and provides seller with shipping address.

4. Seller receives money and take a sample for assay and other documents for shipment and finally the shipment is done accompanied by sellers agent.

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25/06/2012 6:28 pm  

Tengo comprador para ti oro el procedimiento es muy sencillo llevas el oro a nuestras oficinas en México df y te pagamos 10 kg por día podemos incrementar los volúmenes de compra el pago es inmediato. Podemos enviar camioneta de valores con seguridad para recoger el metal o bien ustedes envíen. El oro bajo custodia para el pago correspondiente el pago es igual al segundo fin de Londres del día menos 3.5 en usd contacto [email protected] 62*15*41564 ..


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