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Gold dust and rough diamond to sell  


Nuevo Miembro
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03/05/2013 11:59 am  

We have 350 Kg of Gold dust +22 karat for sell ,we can start with 1 KG, you send the export fee for 1 KG, i send you 1KG you sell it deduct the export fees and send me the payment of the 1 KG then i will use this 1 KG money to pay for export tax for 1 KG and send to you and then we move like this and each shipment we increase it.

Our Gold dust price is 25000 Euros per KG

We have rough diamond immediately in stock to sell.

Also available copper scraps ,cathode, Tin ingot,Lead ingot, aluminium scraps and Zinc Dross to sell.


[email protected]

israel torres
Nuevo Miembro
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27/10/2017 11:01 am  

We are looking for suppliers of minerals to be able to explore them to different countries If you are interested in joining a global business in the mineral trade we are a group of associates in different countries like china, dubai uk, iran to mention some that are requiring different minerals iron, gold, copper, aluminum, mercury etc. comunicate to email [email protected] thanks.


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