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Coper Slag from Mexico  


Nuevo Miembro
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01/03/2012 2:15 pm  

Copper slag from Mexico.
50000 mt . Partial shipment allowed.
Details to be specified in the contract.
3000 mt currently in stock (ex-works) and ready for shipment.

Inspection: Assayer by seller. Buyer strongly encouraged to perform assay report at sight at well.

Description: Copper Slag
Iron 30-51%
Copper,Gold, Silver < 0.7%
Moisture < 3%
Contact us for more info.

mining and scrap
Nuevo Miembro
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15/04/2012 12:52 pm  

We regularly import copper in large quantity,please provide the basic information and your soft offer of copper , such as quantity ,Grade,Photoes

Best regards and wishes

[email protected]


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