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Mining Sector Changes Economic Growth

TANZANIANS continue to witness a steady economic growth brought about through the good administration of the CCM government which is under the energetic President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete who was elected to the highest political post ten years ago.

Dr Kikwete who had served the CCM government in various capacities within the ruling political party and the government, registered the landslide victory in the 2005 general elections, as he easily won the electorates confidence.

As he immediately stepped into the high political post, he made a strong strategy that wanted every Tanzanian to work hard towards improving the nation’s economic growth as well as improving their own socioeconomic status.

One of the economic areas that have improved steadily within the ten years period is the mining sector that have completely boost Tanzania’s economic status. Mining is one of the leading sectors in Tanzania, with the value of mineral exports increasing tremendously each year.

Diamonds, gold, nickel, gemstones amongst others play a key role in Tanzania’s growing minerals industry. As a result, many potential investors are flooding the country to open up investments in various fields.

The United Kingdom is the largest foreign investor in Tanzania followed by India, China, Kenya, USA, Netherlands, South Africa, Canada, Germany and Oman.

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